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New CPU slowed down my graphics card?!?!

My graphics card performance seems to be seriously degraded after installing a CPU that is twice as fast. How can that happen? That does not make any sense to me.

My system before the upgrade:
CPU: E7200 (2 core, 2.5 ghz)
OS: Windows 8
Graphics Card: Geforce GT 240
Power Supply: 630 Watt
I upgraded my CPU to a Q9550 (4 cores, 2.8 ghz). Now 3 different graphics tests show that my graphics performance is much worse. The CPU performance is actually exactly what I expected it to be.

***Windows 8 Experience Index (with E7200)***
Processor: 6.2
Memory: 6.2
Graphics: 6.7
Gaming Graphics: 6.7

***Windows 8 Experience Index (with Q9550)***
Processor: 7.3
Memory: 7.3
Graphics: 6.2
Gaming Graphics: 6.2

***3DMark06 (with E7200)***
SM2.0 Score: 3801
HDR/SM3.0 Score 3897
CPU Score: 2257
Total Score: 8702

***3DMark06(with Q9550)***
SM2.0 Score: 2438
HDR/SMS3.0 Score: 2305
CPU Score: 4343
Total Score: 6363

Standing in a specific location in World of Warcraft with E7200 gave me a frame rate of approximately 45 fps.

Standing in the same location in World of Warcraft with Q9550 gave me a frame rate of approximately 27 fps.

Let me make it clear that I did not upgrade my graphics card. It is still a Geforce 240 GT and I did not change my graphics card drivers.


The best answer to this question is from my own reply (see below). I accidently selected the wrong answer.
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  1. Run prime95 software and see the stabilty of cpu
  2. Never seen this issue before, Could you update driver and everything else?
  3. Best answer
    Where did you get the CPU?
    Did you install the heatsink correctly?
  4. Ok, I feel like an idiot. I gave up too quickly before trying everything that I had thought to try. After writing starting this forum thread, I discovered two other symptoms. First symptom was that on system power on, it took longer than normal to get to the POST screen and it made some clicking noises which I don't remember from before. It didn't sound anything like POST error code beeps so I did not know what to make of it. The 2nd symptom was that when booting up windows, the computer sometimes locks up before getting to the login screen.

    So before I started the thread here, I had thought to re-seat the graphics card but I was sure that it was flush with the PCI Express connector and I thought to myself, "naaaa. That would be an ALL-OR-NOTHING kind of problem anyway".

    So I decided to re-seat the graphics card this morning and now everything works as expected. All three tests I did above (WEI, 3dMark06, WOW) are now giving the results I expect to see. I have done a few cold boots since then and everything is still working. Problem solved.
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