MSI Ge70 which graphics card is rendering?

In my experience onboard graphics is overridden by a dedicated card unless it's running hybrid SLI. From the looks of it both graphics cards are enabled on this MSI GE70 laptop. I haven't used it much for gaming besides a few low-demand applications so I can't really tell if it's suffering. However, the general graphics remind me of a 14" laptop I had 5 years ago. The screen is supposed to be far advanced and the resolution is 1920x1080. So how can I tell which card is currently working? Would it be possible for them to work simultaneously?
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  1. Dual graphics from Nvidia is a bit confusing, but you can set it up on the nvidia driver. As for the resolution thingy, it could be that you did not set the resolution in the windows properties properly.
  2. The resolution is correct. I'm just not sure if I disable the intel graphics the nvidia gpu will take over or if it's even rendering at all.
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    Nvidia will only let you enable their GPUs in special applications which you chose.
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