FRAPS lagging on beastly computer??

I just built this brand new computer:
i7 ivybridge 3.8ghz
Nvidia gtx 680 2gb
16gb ram
1tb hdd

When recording tf2 at 30fps with fraps, the video lags and freezes. Any reason why? People have been suggesting that it's because of recording on the same HDD as fraps is located on and that I should be using a separate SSD. Any truth to this? Could I simply avoid this problem by allowing fraps to separate the video every 4gb?

PS Couldn't be using an ssd possibly wear it out really quickly?
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  1. well, I'd say you should definitely use another hdd for the capture.
    I mean 1080p x 30 fps means fraps will be writing to your disk at about 30MB/s give or take /depends on the complexity of the game visuals - more for hires and many particles/effects, less for less complex effects/.

    so... a hdd has about 100/130 MB/s max read/write speed /usually you'll get around 50-70MB/s/, fraps eats about 30MB plus game, system, etc... needs some data to function, also the data is stored on various parts of the drive /add some searching etc.../ you get the point...
  2. Are you referring to video playback of what you have already recorded or are you talking about FPS while playing/recording simultaneously?

    If prior: I found playing videos saved and trying to be played back from an external HDD are subject to limited transfer speeds given their large file size. I found that playing them from my SSD mad playback much much more smooth. I didn't notice a difference between breaking the file sup every 4 gb. I think this applies more to the FAT32 file system and its 4GB file limitation. correct me if I am wrong.

    If later: My battlefield 3 install was on an external HDD, I tried recording to said external drive. I went from playing the game at 55 fps to just about 17. It had nothing to do with how "beastly" my computer was. It had everything to do with the fact that I could not play from and record to the same drive because of transfer speeds and what not. saving to a different drive increases speed, recorded to a separate SSD is even better.
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