Apple Thuderbolt with p8z77-v works great but no bios screen on boot?

Hey, first off I want to say thanks because I learned a lot by reading this forum. I have a apple 27 thunderbolt display connected to my p8z77- v pro thunderbolt board. I have a geforce nvidia 660 ti graphics card. I installed the Virtu MVP however not sure if it uses my gpu for youtube videos as the board has a intel graphics display too.

Anyway the only thing seems to be when I start up the computer there is no Bios screen, it is just black. I only see an image once it gets to the windows welcome screen. Is this normal or is there a way to fix this?

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  1. Have you tried turning off the onboard VGA?
  2. In Bios I did change the graphics card to pcie but then nothing would show and I had to plug in my old monitor into the hdmi of the graphics card and set it back to auto in the bios
  3. Weird, I have SLi'd 660Ti's and neither of them when run on their own or together behave like that, I don't have onboard VGA though.
  4. What if you set igpu as primary?
  5. I have the same problem and i went experimenting, I found when i put the primary display on iGPU, when the video is plugged into graphics card, the bios does not load. But windows will eventually.If I plug the video into the IGPU then the bios loads.
    When i have the primary display set to PCIE the boot menu loads on all sockets but windows never loads.
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