Gtx 660 [non-ti] or Radeon HD 7850

Hello,I am looking forward to buy either a Gtx 660 [non ti] or a Radeon HD 7850 by GIGABYTE manufacturer.
Prices : GTX 660 : 294$ , Radeon HD 7850 : 271$.
Any help would be appreciated....Thank you in advance

P.S. Don't advise for the 7870 as it is overpriced in my country to 340$
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  1. You really wouldn't notice the difference. If its the price that worries you, get the 7850.

  2. The difference is like a melon over there but the radeon is factory overclocked to 975mhz which is almost the same to the gtx thats what worries me....I want to know which one will give me better performance in upcoming games or am i comparing the twins ? Will they give completely the same performance ?
  3. 660 is usually compared to an 7870 and better!so i would pick the 660 it will give you more power!
  4. Thanks for giving good advices in so little time , according to raheel167 and nbelote i think ill go for the radeon hd 7850
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