Problems with gigabyte 7950 wf3 card

Hello, i have just purchased a new graphic card HD 7950 gigabyte,but i am having troubles connecting it,i dont know wich cables to use,should i use the 2x6 pins provided by the power suplyer or should i use the cables provided by the card(molex cables).Firstly i tryed connecting it with the 2x6 pins that the power suplyer provided,the card seems to work or at least the fans where moving but when i connected the card to the monitor via hdmi to hdmi beacuse i lucked a dvi to rbg converter i had no signal on the screen.was the the power connection wrong or the problem is the card to monitor connection?what should i do?
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  1. to use two 6pin power cables. Some Power Supply have 6+2 pin cables.
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