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Hello guys, I have this annoying issue with my GPU where i play for about 20-30 minutes then it reaches over 90C and i have to stop. I don't know what might be causing it, if the card is damaged and i have to buy a new one. I just have no idea. However when i was cleaning it yesterday, i noticed that the GPU fan moves alot slower than the CPU one. Could that be the problem? Has the fan reached it's elder years? Currenlty the GPU is idling at 44C, but if i want to play a game after 15 minutes it will be 90C and i'll have a terrible fps drop :( I'm thinking of changing the thermal paste but i don't want to risk removing the card since i don't know how to do it. Please, help me!
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  1. Reapplying the thermal paste would be a good start (if there is no more warrenty on it).
    While the card is opened you could check if there is some dust stuck in the fan.

    Have you tried manually increasing the fan-speed?
    Using MSI Afterburner for example
  2. Yes, the fan is constantly at 100%. But i just put my finger and it stop if i try to do that to the cpu fan it hurts my finger
  3. also, when i start up the pc the gpu fan spins and stops and it does that for 2 minutes and then it starts spinning normally
  4. If the warrenty is expired (and if you feel comfortable with it ofc) i'd re-apply the thermal paste and give it a good cleaning after it's opened.
    If you don't want to open it then i wouldn't push it. Lower the settings on games, maby see if you could improve the air-flow/cooling in your case.
  5. well, i've had this rig for 1 year and 2 months and i don't know if reapplying thermal paste is necessary
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