I'm looking for a new graphics card and came across the radeon hd 7870xt. In canada only two manufacturers sell the card sapphire and powercolor, the sapphire card is not in stock and I'm left with the powercolor version, my question is, is the powercolor card as good as the sapphire card in terms of cooling and quality or should I wait?

Here are the two cards:



P.S- Not going to order form newegg probably canada computers or ncix
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  1. sapphire is better no doubt, but its not avaliable in canada (newegg will steal your wallet with shipping)

    there are 7870s for 219.99 after a MIR but no 7870 xts. they are not instock at ncix

    there are 7950s that go for 289.99 but that might be too much for you

    and then there is a 660ti in between the 2 for 269.99
  2. which 7950's or 660ti? havent seen those deals?
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