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I have an asus g72gx I bought it with a cracked lcd, I just put a new screen in it, now it is very grainy, with a large horizontal line near the bottom. It has a green tint and is centred up and to the right. Task bar is above the horizontal line.

It wont let me change the resolution, Its set very low, with that being the only option.

Fresh win 7 64 bit install. all updates done, drivers are up to date.

Works perfect hooked to my tv, the tv shows generic PNP monitor, the laptop shows generic NON PNP monitor.

Any tips on what could be wong? Im not very good with computers. just wanted to see if I could get this going. Please help.

I ordered the exact same part number as the oem Lg screen.

Heres a pic, please let me know what you think.

Mods if this is in the wrong section, please move.

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  1. One more thing I forgot, the laptop screen does not show the start up graphics, but the tv will. If that makes any difference on trouble shooting.
  2. Does this sound like a computer issue? or does it sond like a recieved a faulty screen?
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