Network Latency Problems

Modem: SB5100
Router: Asus RT-56U
CAT5 Cable

Im currently with rogers in canada and i dont know if its my problem or that im getting thottled by the isp. Now most of the time i lag while playing games. Ping ranged from 30-500 when playing battlefield. When it does spike or jump it causes stuttering which makes it unplayable. This goes along with everything from games to streaming youtube. Youtube lags and the video will take forever to load. I have tested this before with just me hooked up to the modem and no one else using the internet i still get this lag. I know its not my system because its new and this just started happening. So im asking you guys could it be my system, modem or router? Or just my isp thottling me like 24/7 now. Please help me~
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  1. You are getting a pretty good download speed, so it's not the ISP cutting bandwidth. Did you try power-cycling the modem and router?

    If yes, you will have to take things up with Rogers, that ping time is really high.

    The only other thing from your side you can try is try with another computer to rule out an issue with your network card or maybe some settings on it.
  2. It happens to every computer, i have restarted the modem and router many times and it doesnt seem to work. Also I'm running on the intel gigabit lan built into the motherboards (ASUS Z68 V-PRO GEN3)
  3. Have you changed anything on your network recently, around when this started happening?
    If its possible, connect a computer directly to modem to see how the speed is there just to rule out the router. If the problem persists when bypassing the router, you will be 100% sure it's the ISP.
  4. You still could be throttled by your ISP, a lot of the times with ping tests you are getting a Burst, which in turn throws your Ping test making it look higher then it really is. For example, charter communications, (not sure if they still do this) but at a time they would give you bursts here and there through your download. Im not sure if your ISP has different levels of speed you can purchase, but i would call them and see what they have you as.
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