Help! New build, monitor no signal!

GTX 690
16gb RAM
Asus Z77 LK
OCZ 850w PSU

Per the title that is the issue I'm having. I've narrowed down the issue substantially. Everything is plugged in properly, all powered and everything.

Integrated graphics do work, I get some screen about system needing OS repair or something weird like that. Never installed Windows so it's probably just detecting there is no OS.

Through the GTX 690, I get no monitor signal. I have switched it to a different PCIE 16 slot, and also switched the cords and rail on the PSU. No luck. Card does get lit up, and fan spinning.

So this may be an issue with the GPU or MOBO.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Is there a chance that installing Windows through the integrated gfx, could allow the 690 to activate monitor?

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  1. Does the computer boot up ? Is there a beep ?

    If yes, then you know that it's about the graphics card. Make sure it is properly installed with all of the cables plugged in. If it doesn't work, switch to dvi or vga (if you are in hdmi).

    The last thing you can do is to remove the graphics card and to install windows via the integrated graphics.

    - The Brownie
  2. Hi, as an update...

    The computer runs perfectly fine on integrated graphics. I have it narrowed down to the graphics card. Is it really possible a GTX 690 could be DOA? I figured they do extensive quality testing on those cards before shipping them??

    I thought it could be the PSU, but also dont see how that's possible. I tried different sets of cords on it and everything. And a corsair silver certified 850w? Seems very unlikely to me
  3. Plug everything back in and reset your Cmos. If it doesn't work, unplug your graphics card and do a bios update. Plug your graphics card back in and retry it. If it doesn't work, send it back. Give me an update when you're done.

    - The Brownie
  4. I tested another GTX card, and it worked, so I'm not sure bios changes/CMOS reset would make a difference.

    Not sure off hand how to reset CMOS, but I did restore bios to optimized defaults. Also I checked the bios version and it is at the most recent version, so no updating to be done.

    Im eager to have a working video card again, so I already sent it back to newegg. Apparently they test to see if it's actually faulty, and they better not send me back mine saying it's working!!!
  5. I hope that the video card is faulty and not your system :P

    - The Brownie
  6. Bromeh said:
    I hope that the video card is faulty and not your system :P

    - The Brownie

    Me too. I think all bases are covered though.

    1) System works fine with integrated graphics, have used extensively to test since installing Windows
    2) Other nvidia GTX card worked with system (Mobo PCIE's OK)
    3) Swapped PSU cords (Good PSU, should be OK)

    Unless I'm missing a step with my logic, I think the system has a green light.
  7. Yeah there's nothing wrong. Hope you'll get a replacement one.

    - The Brownie
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