Problem updating Catalyst to 13.1

Hi, all. I have a 2gb Sapphire 6950 (used), and I'm trying to update Catalyst from 12.1 to 13.1. I'm using the Win8 64-bit driver.

When I run the downloaded Catalyst install package without uninstalling the old drivers first, the installation runs normally and says that it's successful. After that, though, I'm still on 12.1 with or without a restart (confirmed by MSI Kombustor and GPU-Z).

When I use Catalyst to uninstall all the drivers first, then restart and attempt to install the new ones, the installation says that it succeeds but that "warnings" happen. The log has nothing in it that looks like a warning. With or without a restart, I'm still on 12.1.
How can I get this upgrade to work?
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  1. try 13.2 and see what happens
  2. 13.2 is the same. With a restart after uninstalling and after reinstalling, I'm still at 12.1.

    Note: I forgot to mention this before, but it happened both with 13.1 and 13.2: when uninstalling, I get a "Windows Installer has stopped working" box, but the uninstall continues after I hit "close the program."
  3. AMD has a driver cleanup utility
    This standalone uninstallation utility will clean your system of any existing AMD Catalyst™ drivers to prepare your PC for the clean installation of a new driver version. Currently supports Windows 7 at this time.
    After running the utility, a restart of the computer is required to fully remove driver files that may be in use during the uninstall process. Installing a new driver prior to a system restart may cause the operating system to not function properly.

    Note: Do not use with Windows 8.
  4. Well, I'm on Windows 8.
  5. Have you made sure to unblock the driver installer .exe, and to run as administrator?
  6. Yeah, it's running as admin automatically. Little badge thing on the icon.
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