GTX660Ti vs GTX580

hi. i want to upgrade from gt440. which is recommend gtx660ti or gtx 580 ?
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  1. The 660ti is my recommendation The 580 is good but will use more power from your psu. You could prob, sli 2 660ti's and barely use more power.

    The 600 series is the new stuff and most games will take advantage of the newest tech, while the 500 series will be phasing out. That being said, you may find a really good deal on ebay or something for a 580 being sold by an upgrader!
  2. The 660 Ti is faster and runs cooler, requires less power.Both are very decent cards but i go for the 660 Ti if i was you.
  3. The 660ti has the same performance, sometimes more. Also, it runs quieter, requires less power,produces less heat and have some newer technologies. Aim for the 660ti!
  4. I have a MSI gtx 660 ti PE OC and i love it! Better card to get!
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