Keyboard stops working after resume from standby

Hi, I have an HP Dv5z-1000 laptop. Its keyboard works fine when the laptop boots into windows, or resumes from hibernate. You'd never know there was a problem. But when the laptop resumes from standby, the keyboard works for about 3-5 seconds and then just stops. No response from any of the keys.

This was after I disassembled and reassembled the laptop several times. I was trying to upgrade the CPU and got 2 defective units in a row from eBay. So it seems likely to me that I damaged the ribbon cable to the keyboard or something moving it around so much.

I tried re-seating the cable a few times and reinstalling the drivers. It also persists on a brand new install of windows 8.
But, it works fine on an Ubuntu install.

Since it works most of the time, and for a few seconds after resume, is there any way to stop windows from turning it off?

Thanks for any ideas!

edit- Sorry if this is supposed to be in the hardware section or something, I wasn't really sure.
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  1. check the keyboard connector if it fit tight in the laptop base also would check if there is not a little cable that is broke on that connector using a magnifying glass
  2. I have the same issue running the Customer Preview of Windows 8, the only thing I have found that has worked was to go to Device Manager

    Go to Start->Run.
    Type “devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes) and hit “OK”

    Click the arrow next to "Keyboard"
    "Right Click" the keyboard listed and click "Uninstall"

    Once installed, go to the top of the device manager
    "Usually your computer name"
    "Right Click" then click on "Scan for new hardware"

    This should fix it, temp fix. I have not come across any other fixes, I will check the BIOS for settings later and force it to sleep and see how that goes, so far the driver is a generic keyboard driver pulled from Microsoft since I'm using a stock Dell Keyboard.

    But this works for me, hope it works for you. I will post more about the BIOS results, unless someone already knows a fix.


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