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Asus gtx560ti directcuII-broken

i have the title graphics card. it has a mini hdmi connector and comes with an adapter. when i inserted the adapter in, it broke the pins inside and some of them got interconnected. I opened it up and seperated them with a sharp edge screw driver.

Now the problem is it isnt gives out display.. mobo is running on onboard vga while pcie card being inserted..

any ideas or my gpu is dead??
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  1. Does the DVI ports on the card work?
  2. no they also dont... windows is also giving display only on onboard vga... in the device manager it shows an unknown device connected to pcie slot
  3. Good chance that it fried when you were messing arouind with the screwdriver. Try to take the card out of the computer, uninstall tyhe drivers, then install the card and see if you get a display on it.
  4. actually i removed it and then separated all the pins that were touching each other.... and after trying it in and out several times it gave output one or two times but now its gone permanently... i think its not the drivers as even bios isnt detecting it
  5. Try clearing the CMOS and check for display output
  6. u mean pluggin out and in the cmos battery???
  7. You can do it that way, you will need to unplug the machine and hold down the power button for 30 second to drain all the caps.
  8. no use man... still the same... do u think reseting bios by taking out battery would help??
  9. It might work, that's what I had suggested. Resetting BIOS = Clearing CMOS. Its the same thing, do the process I mentioned with the battery out.
  10. nop.. sadly didnt worked out.. :(

    do u think i should consider a repair shop or its toast??
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    Is it under warranty? Contact ASUS and see.
  12. using it more than 1.5 years.... since in unscrewed it totally and already have broken the hdmi pins and port... so i think warrantys void
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  14. I've taken apart every GPU I've ever owned to put on better paste or cooling. Never had warranty work denied.
  15. but since ive fiddled up with the hdmi port. all pins hangin out or broken to make sure they wont touch each other... lol... as soon as i inserted mini hdmito hdmi converter.. pc went to shutdown as the pins were shorted...
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