I cant run games on my dell inspiron 5520 without graphic card there is no graph

i have dell inspiron 5520 windows 7 i3 processer harddisk 500gb ram 2gb how i can install a graphics card on my laptop :??: ? why can games able to run on my laptop :heink: ? what is video card and video memory :( ? how i can increase video memory on my laptop :bounce: ?
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    Most likely you are just running off the integrated graphics, and there is nothing you can do to upgarde that. Cant swap it out for another GPU or anything. Next time do some research instead of just choosing the cheapest laptop you can find.
  2. it is rare to have laptops that you can upgrade (let alone install one if there's no gpu from the start) a gpu for a laptop. if you want to upgrade, get a desktop instead. for a laptop upgrades are limited
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