Waiting for new release GPU or upgrade to SSD first?

Currently i'm running ATI 5770 lend by my friend and 7200 rpm Hard drive storage. My question is should i upgrade Intel 520 120GB and wait for AMD 8 series or get Sapphire AMD HD7850 2GB OC SSD later? In consideration of budget too caused my country sell expensive hardware I can't afford both in short time too.

PS : sorry for my bad english :sweat:
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  1. I would get the SSD now as the next generation of GPU's is supposed to come out in Q4 of 2013, a long ways away. Also, if you're just using that SSD as a boot drive you only need a 40-60GB drive. If you plan on using it for storage though, that drive would work great.
  2. thanks for reply. In addition i'm casual gamer too.
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