Toshiba A200 weird screen / freeze when plugged in - works fine in safe mode


My A200 has been upgraded to 4GB RAM, and Win7, worked fine for a while, then started randomly freezing with weird screen stuff (video not displaying properly). Power off only worked. Much frustration and removal of progs later, tried on safe mode - works fine. Safe mode with networking - works fine. Can plug it in (surefire way to get it to fault normally) and in safe mode it works fine, in normal mode, immediate fault.

Thought perhaps a horrible malware, did clean install from disc of win7, no change (except now, coz I deleted all the Toshiba drivers, the dvd drive is noisly lol). Can't load progs to run the damned thing properly because it won't run in normal mode, only safe mode. Tried formatting the hdd, but it won't let me (partitions) which I thought were reformatted during a clean install anyway?

Haven't tried changing the charger yet, because it works fine in safe mode, so I thought probably a software issue? Have tried minimal or "clean" normal boots, freezes immediately.

No freaking idea left now!! :-)
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  1. Hi, I found this solution in this forum, credit goes to mominafiz

    Here is the solution... but it will slow down your laptop but at least it will work.

    what u need to do is ...

    go to safe mode: restart ur bios screen ..keep on typing F8 run in safe mode.

    go to start--> control panel --> device manager ---> processor ---> disable one of two processor ---> reboot your system normally.

    it should work , it did for me.
  2. I have similar configuration with same problem. When I plug it in, it freezes or even restarts. But I noticed that it does that only when in power saving mode. If I set it to "high performance" at power settings, I don't have this problem anymore.
  3. My friend has the same laptop, since new out of the box it just dies, even with a fully charged battery, I've read that this seems to be a common problem with this model, although not usually since new. It's not overheating from dust, as it was doing it from new, and I opened it all up recently to inspect and clean out, but there was extremely minimal dust, . The other problem is more like yours which is recent, it keeps freezing in windows vista, it does it anywhere from 5 mins to 2 hours after switching on, whether idle or not. The only way to turn it off is to hold down the power button. The other problem is when it's booted cold, it will get to the windows loading screen, and suddenly the screen will go black, with a rainbow of visual artifacts, and the speakers will emit a rather disturbing crackling sound, it's frozen like this until you hold the power button again, it usually will go into windows after that, but will crash again. The other anomaly, is when you look at device manager, under the wifi, it will have hundreds of the same driver, each time it connects on the wifi, it seems to add these drivers, deleting them does no good, because there are hundreds more to replace it, it did start to crash and run slower when I connected it to broadband wirelessly. Recently it stopped turning on altogether, but that turned out to be a stuffed charger, which has been replaced, but still makes no difference, it still randomly switches off, crashes etc. He can only use it safe mode with networking now, and only then it doesn't crash or freeze, but obviously it's very limited to what you can do. I've tried updating the drivers, but it made no difference, tried Windows repair disc - no change. Tested HDD - healthy, tested memory twice - no errors found, monitored the temp - still crashes while fan is working and on cooling pad and only at 41 degrees C. The second time it crashed was also at it's lowest temp of 41 degrees. I think it must have of had a faulty motherboard since new and it's just deteriorated, or faulty CPU. There has never been any error messages or system beeps while it's been freezing, though occasionally before this all began it would emit a strange strangled sounding system beep. Nothing of interest in the event log either. Always has up to date anti-virus, malware and firewall running, and I've scanned it twice, and comes up with nothing.
  4. My solution that actually worked :-)
    Go to Computer Properties - Select both options:
    1. Compress this drive to save disk space
    2. Index this drive for faster searching

    Apply - Ok.
    Takes a couple of hours, but fixed the problem of freezing when AC plugged in.
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