Nvidia 314.07 driver issue

Ok here is my problem. I was working with nvidia 314.07 driver for Windows 7 and was not having any major issues. The last 2 days all of the sudden I can no longer get my 3d vision to work. I can no longer put my ViewSonic 3d 22in monitor to work in 120htz as it will split all images into 4 little screens on the monitor. When I play any game it makes my other 2 ViewSonic 22in screens go black when I used to be able to run my streaming software and teamspeak along with a few other programs on the other screens when playing games and now i can not. As soon as I tab out my other two monitors come back on. I have tried removing all drivers and reloading but it tells me that the nvidia update components fail no matter what version of driver I try. I have tried 310 and the one before that. The only changes made before this occured was adding nvidia geforce experience beta driver and I have removed this and still have the problem. Any ideas because Nvidia tech support says it must be my 3 week old video card(EVGA GTX 660ti SC 3gb) and EVGA says it has to be a software issue..please help me out if you can will try about anything except format of the HDD and reinstall of Win7. Zonermoose
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  1. Have you tried deleting all the Nvidia files from the system32 folder and then reinstalling just the graphic card drivers?
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