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I, was...a die hard PriceWatch shopper...until recently. The last three items I purchased using their vendors were total headaches. The worst, OH the worst, was CNETPC. Just try calling these guys: I dare you! If you get through on the first try (or even the first 10), I will pluck a hair from my head (limit 2). And when I did get through, the lady put me on hold since I asked for their sales administrator (I had been attempting to contact someone for two weeks, with no replies to my emails and either a busy signal or no answer on their phone line), and I conferenced that call into another, upon which the same lady answered, this time claiming to be the supervisor, and refusing to let me speak to anyone else (saying no one was there, while chatter arose in the background, and even denying putting me on hold and leaving me there to rott). I am not an irate man, not even hard to deal with, just demanding of those who partake in business with me, as I do not have time nor the funds to be jerked around such as this "company" has done. I feel better already...ahhh. To know that I may prevent even just one other person from duplicating this experience. But, now I'm screwed...stuck with a defective 512MB Samsung dimm...and since I bought it during the bottom out a while back, it will take a lot more $$ to replace than it did to purchase it then (had I any idea, I would have paid more elsewhere).

Thanks for letting me vent! Those people have burst a blood vessel in my brain!

If I don't get my 90THz AMD Quadraplex system soon, I'm afraid I may just combust right here.
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  1. Hey man glad to hear that, does anyone know of a web site that does reports on BAD online vendors so we can post our problems with said site ?

    I too have ordered all the parts (hard drive, memory, cpu, power supply, video cards) all on in the past with no problems, yet i ordred this Kingston Pc2100 ddr 256M dimm last week from a site named "" and have yet to recieve any e-mail reguarding shippment, problem, nothing, havent been billed to my CC yet either. sent 4 e-mails, over the past 4 days, with no response, phone system is a simple answering machine.

    If anyone out there is marking up a list of sites NOT to goto, add this to your list, as well as the site listed above!

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  2. Anyone know HTML? I don't have much time here lately to you think a little 10MB space would be enough to start this kind of site? Or maybe a few 10MB pages? I can provide two of those, from my SBC accounts. Probably not enough, eh? But I'm not a I don't know. I "posted" complaints through pricewatch...but I really don't think they care, as they did not respond.

    If I don't get my 90THz AMD Quadraplex system soon, I'm afraid I may just combust right here.
  3. Pricegrabber links up to a site that lets users rate their experiences on sites that use that service. I think Pricewatch should do something like that as well.

    My sudgestion, is if you find a good vendor, it's not a bad idea to pay the $5-10 more for a part to go with someone you trust, and save the headache.

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  4. <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> is back up, always check there before placing an order with a company you found on PriceWatch.

    For the record, I now order only from <A HREF="" target="_new">Newegg</A> or local stores.

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  5. Can't go wrong with Newegg
  6. I order "almost" everything from Newegg. You usually can't go wrong buying from pricewatch if you read the user comments on If you're buying something like a case then the site doesn't need the highest rating on there for example, but if you're buying sensitive and expensive components I demand a no hassle experience.

    Since my last upgrade though, newegg has expanded their inventory quite a bit so you pretty much can buy everything there now.

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  7. Thank god resellerratings is back up.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  8. newegg is top notch, no doubt. Plus resellerratings is indispensible.

    I took a chance on a new vendor this morning - Axion technologies. Resellerratings gives them an 8.23. Seems reasonable.

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  9. I'm getting a lot of bad vibes from NewEgg lately. Lotta complaints runnin round. Found this co. on BBB with a perfect rating...and here's the price difference they had:

    Soyo KT333 mobo [AMD, RAID...I think there's only one out now anyway] Retail
    XP 1800 Retail
    Corsair CAS2 2700 256MB Dimm
    it was $399 at NewEgg and $405 at ComputerHQ...
    shipping was a hair cheaper at ComputerHQ almost making it even...think maybe I'll try them...

    Fans were a bit high there...would get them elsewhere.

    If I don't get my 90THz AMD Quadraplex system soon, I'm afraid I may just combust right here.
  10. Man...just checked out that site...I'm not the only one.

    Nobody does anything but take money, and ship at CNETPC...that's the only department they have!

    If I don't get my 90THz AMD Quadraplex system soon, I'm afraid I may just combust right here.
  11. Oh man! You guys have *got* to read reviews of resellers before you spend $2000 at a web site! Seriously, it'll save you a lot of hassle. That computer is as good as not there because knowing cnetpc they only fulfill 40% of their orders and have no customer service at all.
  12. You betcha. Just ordered from Newegg last week. It was an awesome experience, mostly because my last several purchases all had something go wrong with them, and I was getting a bit stressed out. But both my orders with Newegg(made the same day) came in good time, one a day later than the other, but the second order was made a bit later in the day, and I called to add a small piece that I had forgotten to order. And it still went out the next day. And the BIOS's coming pre-flashed...sweet. So, so far, Newegg has been a 10of10. If they can do it three times in a row, I'll give em a 11of10. And another point each time after...

    I will just order from them for a while, as I don't feel like dealing with any more CNETPC's, CompGeeks, Accubyte, Micro-Pro, or any of the other Pricewatch vendors that are border-line prison sentences. So long as they keep their prices competative and service top-notch, there's no need to even price shop cept' to make sure their prices are staying up to date.

    Just feels so good to be back to my addiction...


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