WinXP + USB Modem = NEED HELP!

I just upgraded Win98 to WinXP and installed the drivers for my Diamond SupraMax 56k USB Modem. When I try to connect using it, XP says its dialing, but my modem indicates that it hasn't picked up the phoneline. If I wait, then XP just times out eventually and says the connection failed.
Any ideas???
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  1. dude - how can you expect to make something like this work when XP isn't even released yet? Who the hell knows if the Diamond drivers support it (NOT)! Dumb move.

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  2. I think the dumber move may have been coming here expecting help and not ridicule... It's not that I EXPECTED it to work, I wanted to try XP, so I did, and the modem doesn't work. I was just checking if anyone else has the same problem or maybe knows of a solutions, as I'm not really an expert in XP or with modems.
    By the way - 5 stars for your excellent effort at being a complete ass...

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  3. Is this that winxp professional trail? I got one for going to some xp launch event or somthing. I read to much crap about the activation and how it dosn't work with hardly any older hardware. I installed it on a stand alone system here at my house (no internet no modem) and it worked ok for the 4 times I could start it all I can say is its pretty. Other that that it didn't show me much. Everything I had connected worked printer, usb, etc. After 4 boots I uninstalled it I am not gonna upgrade to it. I am kinda old school if it aint broke don't fix it. With all microsofts crap about the reg process this time worried I might put it on 2 computers insted of one just seems like a hassel that it just isn't worth to me. I bought 98 the day it came out (remember 98se) it won't happen again.

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  4. Quote:
    - 5 stars for your excellent effort at being a complete ass...

    Yo, you want a piece of me? C'mon down, I'm ready. All I was saying was that it's dumb to expect everything to work on beta software. No need to flame me. But if it's a flame war you want, I'm more than ready.

    BTW - who's the one with a working modem?????? huh punk????

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  5. i had the USB problem as well but i called there support line on there site and they told me how to fix the usb problem this is how you do it

    start / settings / control panel / system / hardware(tab) / device manager / look at the bottom for universal serial bus controllers click the [+] box then
    delete the (host controller) and all (USB root Hubs)

    note you will lose all USB function when you do this so if you have a USB mouse lol it will stop working

    but fear not! lol just restart your computer it will figure out that the drivers are missing it will auto update them (this may take a few min for it to complete) and then it will start to recognize your devices then they will all work again!

    hope this helps ^^
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