Spontaneous Reboots

My system at work will spontaneously reboot if connected to the internet in WinXP. I brought it home to fix it and when I plugged it in it just kept rebooting once it hits the Windows Desktop.

I was running Win98 just fine and upgraded to WinXP. My modem wasn't compatible so I bought a USR modem (latest winmodem offering). I continued loading WinXP and started getting the spontaneous reboots. At work they only happened when connected to the internet, now at home it won't stop rebooting.

While the computer was at work I updated all the files and flashed the latest bios. Still no luck. There are no errors displayed, no memory dumps, no nothing. It is as if I have hit the reset button. When the system reboots it goes right into WinXP with no warnings or errors.

When the computer was at work I ran a RAM test for 6 loops. SiSoft Sandra for about 10 loops. Ran 3DMark2001SE 3 times at different resolutions and no reboots. I connect to the internet and 10 minutes later it reboots. I have swapped slots with the modem and still have problems.

Supermicro P6SLA MB (Intel LX)
400Mhz Celeron
235W Sparkle PS
15GB Maxtor HD
Asus V3400TNT-TV 16MB Nvidia
Aureal Vortex sound card
RealMagic Hollywood Decoder
Toshiba DVD 6X IDE
Sony 24X CDR
USR 35699A PCI winmodem (from memory, but # is close)

OS Windows XP Pro
All components use WinXP suppied drivers except the TNT uses Nvidia reference drivers 23.11 for xp.
Office XP installed.

This setup if from a clean install.

Power supply shows normal voltages from BIOS although I know that doesn't mean alot sometimes.

Computer History: I had this problem before 2 years ago. I dusted out the PS and MB slots and HSF and the problem went away. The system is clean as a whistle as of right now as I keep it blown out regularly. Win98 began hanging after the splash screen 25% of the time a few months ago. I did an update to WinXP and never had any problems with that anymore. Now I am just stuck with random reboots, and as of an hour ago constant reboots.

I am aware that a power supply can do this sort of thing but I can't see how changing the OS could make the problem so much more apparent.

Please help me with some opinions if you have managed to read this far =)

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  1. Power supply might be shot.

  2. yes, sounds like the power supply is failing

    i went to the tomshardware forums and all i got was this lousy signature.
  3. Can you try this:
    System Properties (WinKey + Pause) > Advanced tab > Startup and Recovery Settings

    Under system failure, uncheck "Automatically restart".

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  4. I always turn off autorestart in WinXP, it sucks.

    I swapped a known good PS today and it is running perfectly now. Thanks for the confirmation guys.

  5. I'm glad to hear it works now. I would've said power supply as well, but the others said it and I thought of this suggestion. But anyways...c-ya! :smile:


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