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Chosing a graphics card and processor (first build).

Hello, This is my first build and im trying to stay under 500-600$. id like this to be a decent gaming system. here are the components i have so far. please inform me on graphics cards and help me find a good one. P.S. i was told either gtx650 ti or readon 7770.

case - nzxt tempest elite 410
mother - AS Rock LGA1155 Intel Z77 CrossFireX SATA3 USB3.0 A GbE ATX Z77 PRO4
ram - 2x 3ddr 1333 for now.
cpu - undecided but leaning towards i5 quad core (any help here would be nice as well)
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    IMO this should be posted in the building Section.

    i5 with 7850 --> Awesome.
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