Need graphic card under 5000

want to buy graphic card under 5000 and i don;t want to upgrade my psu it's local 230w psu what shoud i get
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  1. Under 5000 what??
  2. probably Rupees
  3. Tell in what value youre talking about. And if you can tell in euros and dollars and pounds so more can understand.
    Ill tell in euros now.
    sub 100 - hd 7750
    bit more than 100 - hd7770
    150 - gtx 650ti
    less than 200 - hd 7850
    250 (less) - 7870
    .... ( not knowing gap)
    1000 - gtx titan ;)
    If 5000 (something) is less than hd7750 than just take some cheap nvidia 630/640
    Thats mine choice; from others it might be diffrent.
  4. i have purchased his 6670 ddr 5 1gb ,, it cost me 5600rs.. now my graphic card goes from 60 to 70 degree C(while gaming). it's because of my new sound card it's ASUS - Xonar DG 5.1 ,, i have simple cabinet ,, can this type of heat from my graphic card can damage my sound card if yes what should i do..
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