Vertical gray lines appears and computer locks up?

Vertical gray lines appear during computing causing the system to lock up. Is this because the horizontal video amplifier is defective? Perhaps, is it graphic card related?

Sapphire HD 7850 :fou:

Edit: This all started after I allowed windows to install a service packet!!!!! :pfff: :pfff: :pfff: :cry:
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  1. Horizontal video amplifier? huh? Anyway, I would say it's either gpu, psu, or ram. Download hwmonitor to watch temps. If those looks good then test ram with memtestx86. If that is good then it is your psu.
  2. Yeah. That's what I gathered from my reading : vertical lines appears random and system locks up. Besides, there is a function located in the AMD CCC device manager that allows you to enable the horizontal video amplifier! :bounce: :hello:

    Ok. I have real temp loaded is that the same as hwmonitor device? I have memtestx86 downloaded but do not have a device on my system that will open it. Where can I find one?
  3. Ok the file is an ISO so burn that image to a disc with image write or some other burning software.
    Real temp should do ok.
    Edit: After you burn the disc boot the system with the disc and it will run the memory diagnostics.
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