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Home Networking: I would like to add an 802.11n wireless router to an existing Verizon FiOS modem/router. I've read numerous How To articles, but frankly am still uncertain of the best approach. Can someone detail the necessary steps?

Also, as an aside, would you recommend a single or dual band wireless router? I will have one laptop with a special Centrino Wireless LAN card (3x3).
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  1. Emerald said:


    I have a more basic question. As previously mentioned, I have a Verizon modem/router. I just bought a laptop with a gigabit LAN adapter. When I connect the gigabit port to the router I'm only seeing 100 Mbps. It appears that my router is limiting my bandwidth. Is this correct? Is there any way to get greater bandwidth from the router? My upload/download service is 35/35 MBps (approx. 350 Mbps).
  2. your router most likely has 10/100 ports.

    also the internet connection speed should be in Mbps not MBps; therefore, your router speed should be sufficient
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