Upgrading my video card (GeForce GT 240)

I want to upgrade my computer a for gaming.
i have a geforce gt 240 gfx card, 4gb ram and intel i5 2.6ghz quad core processor.
It works great for most games, but i would like to bump it up a little, though i dont know a great deal about hardware so need a little help :D

I'm thinking bumping the ram up to 6-8gb would be good, and a more powerful graphics card. Not sure which to get though.
I'm looking at around £150-200 (roughly $200-300) for the card, cheaper is better but i wouldnt want to go over that.
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  1. 8 Gig of ram is the sweet spot for gaming and for around £150 I would go for a GTX 560 ti, its a great mid range gaming card.
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