Should I crossfire 5850's or no? Worth it?

Hey, I have 4gb ram, amd phenom ii x4 965 be @ 3.4ghz and my GPU is an ati 4870 512mb. Now I want to know please if I should upgrade to two ati 5850s and crossfire them. Is it worth it now or no? Will any bottlenecking happen?

Please let me know.

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  1. list hardware, power supply, monitor and resolution, opsys, pc usage and why you think you need to "upgrade".
  2. Do you have the board and PSU for it?

    As for if you should that depends on cost. If you can get them cheap then go for it. Even if you got them for $100ea however I'm not sure I would. You could get a new 7850 for that, a 7870 if you pony up a bit more. Those would be better as they have more Vram and use less power. The 5850s might be a bit faster but you also wouldn't have any CF issues. (MS, lack of drivers for new games, etc.)
  3. +1....go for a new 7850 or 7870, I would not CF 5850s with that set-up regardless of the rest of your system

    how much can you get a 5850 for though? if it's really cheap then you can always just get one of them and use it for now it'd be a pretty decent upgrade from the 4870 especially if you overclock it
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