Hi All.

I wonder if any of you have seen this:

'There was a problem starting msizqh32.dll

The specified module could not be found'.

I have searched the web and the file msizqh32.dll has not come up in Google....which seems strange.

I am not sure even what this file is for, whether part of a driver or the operating system or something else.

I am hoping to find the file and replace it in its proper place to avoid the message in future, and secure the system, but can not find the file. Even did not have it.

Any Ideas or Experience with this file?


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  1. do not double post the same issue
  2. Yes..that was an accident...sorry! I thought the first one did not go up...and then it did!

    Any thoughts on the problem though?
  3. When does the error pop up, after getting to desktop? If so, it's likely related to a program starting with your computer. Disabling unnecessary progs in msconfig may resolve it, or you may have a malware issue.
  4. Hi Signothorn

    YES! On start up! I did look through the list of programs that start automatically on start-up. I saw it there as you predicted.

    I still don't know what it is, but I have 'unticked it' and now the message has gone away, because the program is disabled on start up.

    It would nice to know what it is and whether or not I need to take further action, to remove it completely, however, for the moment at least, the 'symptoms' of the problem have gone away. Time will tell! I will make it a priority over the next few days to make a back up CD.

    What is really strange is that the msizqh32.dll file does not come up ANYWHERE else on the web...only in this question on this forum!!! Can it really be true that I am the only person in the world that has this file? (Nope, because I did not create it!).

    This is really weird,

    Thanks for the least things are behaving normally for the moment at least!

    Best wishes

  5. did you take a note of the program you disable
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