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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking to replace my old HD 5770 as it is choking on new games :| yet this card is still very good. I'm planning to play DayZ Standalone, maybe Battlefield 4, GTA V etc when they will be released. I was looking at the GTX 660 Ti, GTX 670, GTX 680, HD 7950, HD 7970, HD 7870 and didn't decide which one suits best for me. Or should I wait for HD 8 series? My current rig is: i5 750 @ 4 GHz, 8 GB of RAM @ 1600 MHz, HD 5770 1 GB, Corsair 650W psu, max monitor resolution 1680x1050. I hope you'll help me to decide which card to pick. I'm not sure if my cpu would bottleneck GTX 680 or HD 7970. I think that HD 7950 would be the best choice as it's powerful enough and I'd sqeeze it's full potention at 1680x1050 res.

What do you guys think? Cheers.
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  1. Ya the 7950 would be good choice as the value for performance is great!
    The 660ti is also a good performer but you pay a bit more for the big brand names.
    Stability wise I like the nvidias as the drivers are sooo stable..
    Amd is getting better but I still see so many help request and they are 90% radeo..
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Well, that's a problem. If it wouldn't be all about drivers, I wouldn't ask and pick the ati card. Should I be afraid of amd drivers since I haven't had any issues with my current HD 5770?
  3. Go for a 7870xt - your CPU is going to bottleneck a 670 and up. (*The 670 is within 5% of the 680, which is why nobody sane recommends the 680 for 25% more money.)

    The reason I recommend the 7870xt is because of its insane performance/price ratio and lower cost - plus at your resolution it'd be able to play any game on medium-high settings and 60fps with ease.

    EDIT: AMD's drivers are fine, they're just slightly more finnicky than Nvidia's.
  4. I've had both AMD and Nvidia recently, and would buy any of them again. It's true Nvidia's driver release tends to be a bit more hassle-free, but I've never had any major issues with AMD.

    The only thing I really recommend against is going Crossfire. I've done it, and it was a major pain. No more multi-GPU here, and if I ever have to do it again, I will give Nvidia a shot.
  5. Hamz.. DarkSide thanks for suggestion. So you are saying HD 7950 is too powerful for my cpu? Even at 4 GHz?
  6. DragaO said:
    Hamz.. DarkSide thanks for suggestion. So you are saying HD 7950 is too powerful for my cpu? Even at 4 GHz?

    There's going to be a little bit of a bottleneck there, yeah - and it's also more GPU power than you need for your resolution. Might as well save some money, especially since the card you're "dropping down" to is such a little wonder. Here's Tom's review of it:,review-32627.html
  7. Oh, i see. Thanks. I thought my 1st gen cpu is still capable of holding new gpu's on par ^^ Well.. i guess HD 7870 is the answer, and the best edition of all 7870's is MYST edition right?
  8. It's the Power Color myst edition also known as a Sapphire 7870 XT also known as a 7870 LE.

    But keep in mind that it's not a 7870 - it's a slightly disabled 7950 with a different name.

    (And your cpu is still capable, but it'll bottleneck a little bit and won't matter anyways - both cards will get over 60fps, which means you shouldn't spend the extra money.)
  9. Thank You for clearing my mind :) I'm taking one of the moded 7870's ;)
  10. 2nd the myst ed. card......put one in my lil cousins rig (with an amd phenom ii bottlenekz)

    the card is AWSOME o/cd all the way to 1280 1600mem.......

    absolute ripper
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