A wired home network through a router to the apt wireless internet

I want to make my own wired and wireless home network just as it was when i had DSL, connect to a wireless apartment provided wifi network. I assume I need a bridge or gateway router but can find no information on these as no one seems to do this. They have lots of simple information about wireless networks but nothing about using a community wireless network just like a DSL of Cable connection.

There is information on making access points work and extenders and all but nothing for setting up my home like when I had DSL and had a home wireless network and wired NAS and wired printers all using a DSL router.

Who makes this type of wireless router for a community wireless connection to my home internal wired and wireless network?

How do I configure this. I likely can figure out how to do it if I can find the correct router.

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  1. use this in AP Client mode and connect it to the WAN port of a router


    there is no router that comes with a wireless WAN and wireless LAN connections
  2. nothing in the user manual say it will do what you were saying or indicates it is capable of doing this.

    The apartment wifi is just like a hotspot at starbucks or a community distributed wifi and the ap client you mentioned will not do this.

    i am amazed at how hard this seems to be, to have an internal wired (or wireless) network and use a wireless connection from a community wireless hotspot, a wireless WAN.

    maybe there is something i am missing looking at the user manual?
  3. I thought the instruction on page 36 would allow you to connect the device to a wifi
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