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Hello there,

As the title says, I am currently looking for a graphics card to upgrade. I posted a thread a few months ago and I was recommended to get a GTX 670.

My Specs are: i7 3770k 3.4 GHz / Nvidia GT630 / 500W power supply / Acer Predator G3620 Motherboard / 12 GB ram / 2 TB hardrive / 1920x1080 27 inch monitor.

As I was recommended, I searched up the GTX 670 and I found out about the GTX 670 FTW edition from EVGA, so I was wondering if this may also be a good option, also which one to get? 2gb or 4gb?

Last question is: Should I upgrade my power supply to a Corsair 600W or 650W? I saw some vids recommending to get a good, reliable Power Supply, I am not sure what brand my current one is, but it has not failed since the day I bought my PC (Last summer). I would also like to add that my PC is mostly very cool and I have not had a shutdown from overheat, I do not know much about ventilation and cooling, but my case does not have many places for the air to escape. Will this be a problem in the future? Will I have to upgrade my case or implement more fans?

Thanks for the help in advance, I greatly appreciate it! :D
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  1. Yes definitely get a good quality psu before getting a high end card like a 670.

    For your resolution you would only need 2 gb, but feel free to get the 4gb version if you plan on getting another monitor.

    As an alternative you could get a 7970, which I personally prefer, but if you like nvidia it is your choice.
  2. The 7970 is more powerful and is almost the same price - got for it!
  3. I'm planning on sticking to one monitor so I guess 2gb it is, also I was told the 670 was better for gaming rather than 7970. I'll do some more research into it then.

    Also, I forgot to ask,

    What does my psu need to be compatible with other than the amount of Watts I need?
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