How do i know if my graphic card is damaged???

is there any way to check if my Gainward Geforce GTX 580 is damaged????

it works fine until i play video games and then the graphics start flickering.

just asking/wondering if there is any advice on eliminating possible causes and/or fixing problem

things i have checked: reinstalling graphic drivers. check
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  1. highest ive seen is 88C
  2. I have had a similar issue with a gtx 460 & 560Ti.

    The 460 died and went for warranty(gainward). The 560 (Gigabyte) was a driver issue.

    Also, clean the card out. Take off everything removeable. Use a cotton or ear bud for cleaning out small areas. DO NOT use forced air. If need to wet the card i.e. stubborn dust, go to your local pharmacist/chemist and get some isopropyl alcohol (don't drink it). Then dip the ear buds and wipe.

    On another note, some games have issues with latest drivers, try a previous driver version.

    Hope this helps
  3. can i clean the pci-connector pins on the graphic card with it?
  4. Should not be a problem, as usually the alcohol evaporates from the card. If you have been generous when cleaning, leave your hardware to sit until evaporation has finished.

    My apologies for the delay in response.
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