Issue with obtaining the IP address of my camera

I have an IP Camera set up at home to keep an eye on my place. Used to work fine maybe two years ago, but now I no longer have access (Problem is I could not locate the IP address of this unit anymore, even I tried the software tool provided by the seller). This is a HooToo HT-IP210 Network camera with tilt and zoom, an inexpensive unit, but since I wanted to keep an eye on the place and have motion detection e-mail alarm, so it does make sense to me.

Q 1: Does anyone know how to obtain the IP address without installing seller's software (search tool)
Q2: Anyone has a decent web interface on this HT-IP210 instead of seller's Chinglish one?

I would really appreciate the help, I feel like quite the tech guys here.
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  1. have you check in your router if the camera shows in the IP list?
  2. Emerald said:
    have you check in your router if the camera shows in the IP list?

    yep, i did check and it show in my router IP list. So I assume this should be an issue with my camera (HT-IP210), problem should be either the broken software tool or my monitoring computer.

    Am I right?
  3. if you type the camera's IP into the browser, does is connect?

    if it connects, check your port forwarding settings.

    make sure the camera has a static IP.

  4. Are you remembering to put the comma between the main IP and the camera's own IP? I ask only because I used to keep forgetting.

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