Cant get more than 20fps, GeForce GTX 650 ti

my case is a gateway fx7026
intel core 2 quad Q9300 @ 2.5ghz
4gb RAM
running windows 7 64bit

I had a radeon hd 3870 in it until it kicked the bucket, and that was replaced with an odd board.
it was a geforce 8800m gtx mobile gpu on an engineering pcie card that I forced the drivers to install for.
That was working and I was getting 60+ fps in guild wars 2.
Yesterday the problem I had before recurred, being the computer froze up, the sound got distorted and started skipping, artifacts appeared on the screen, and the video tweaked out before the whole screen went black and the annoying audio kept going until I turned the computer off.

I put the gtx 650 ti in, installed the desktop 314.07 whql nvidia drivers and restarted thinking everything would be spiffy. The audio was still doing that odd distortion and games are loading extremely slow. When I do get into game the audio will take a couple minutes and then I will hear all the sounds from the things I did in game when I first logged in.

I uninstalled the audio drivers and reinstalled them, and now that problem has been resolved, but no matter if im playing a 10 year old 2d game or guild wars 2, the fps is stuck at 20. It was actually 1-7 last time I logged in.

I'm at the end of my rope here, what am I missing?
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  1. furmark at 1920x1080 is also running at 20fps
    what really confuses me is wei shows my graphics at 2.9 while gaming graphics is 7.5. Does that have to do with 2d clocks?
  2. cpu bottleneck bigtime
  3. well, the guys at fry's said the pcie lane on the mobo was having the problem, and that the idea that it was bottlenecking was a joke.
    especially since the previous cards with that cpu handled gw2 at 60fps+
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