Best (Nvidia) GPU for a single 1080p monitor

i'm not interested in multi monitor setups ( just thinking about the division lines between the monitors makes me angry) I love eye-candy, i NEED eye candy. could a GTX 670 maxed out Crysis 3 in a single 1080p monitors (32" Vizio theater 3D) with absolutely everything on the highest possible setting, 50-55+ fps??

if i don't play a game in full ultra settings i don't feel satisfied at all. so, would a 670 do the job? or do i need a 680? i plan to SLI in the future. if one single card won't do then tell me so. bear in mind that i plan to keep adding GPUs every time i hit a bottleneck. ( until i Quad SLI)

MY Ring

i5 2500k OC 4.7Ghz
Gygabyte G1 Sniper 3 MOBO
Corsair TX 750w psu
Cooler Master hyper 212
GPU=NONE right now. Used to have= x2 EVGA gtx 460 1GB SLI
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  1. 8GB DDR3
  2. i tried the beta, and my 670 runs at 40-60fps, not sure how it fares with the full game.
  3. Yeah, a single 670 won't get you 50 fps at 1080p on very high settings. Even a 680 struggles as you crank the settings up. SLI probably is your best bet if you can afford it.
  4. Double posting again, weird...
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    my 680 gets about 50-60 FPS max in the BETA but i need to do 4X AA not more as it can't handle 8x, it basically drop the frame rate to 30-35 and i don't enjoy this framerate, i can see the movement stuttering VS 60+FPS... (and my card is OC a lot)

    I think you should be good with 2 670 as for only 5-10% slower than the 680 and 100$ less, it's a good deal but keep an look on rebates (got my EVGA 680SC signature 2 at black friday for about 425$, basically the price of the 670 so...)
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