500 WATT Power Supply

Hi, i was about to purchase a gigabyte nvida geforce gtx 660 but it needs 450 watt power supply but i have got 500 watt and i wondered if it stills works.
Also it uses a 6 pin connector and i want to know where do you plug that into the motherboard.

My questions about the graphic card
1. Can i run adobe cs6 smooth on this graphic card and will it work on intel hd graphics 4000
2. Which games can i play?

My pc spec:
Intel i7 3.5 quad core processor
16gb ram
1tb hard drive
Windows 7 64bit

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  1. 1. You should be able to run it smoothly. 2. You can play all the games on the market, but some with lowered settings but at at least med on all depending what resolution screen you have. About your power supply, what brand is it and usually, if the psu is continuous wattage/amperage,you would be fine with plenty of headroom to overclock with a 500 watt psu. You would plug a 6-pin connector from the psu to the graphics card itself, not the motherboard.
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