Slow transfer speed between pc and NAS (wireless)


Router: linksys wrt160n as router 300mbps max
Wireless card is the TP-Link TL-WN722N USB 2.0 150mbps max
NAS Station: Synology with a 1 TB hd in it

I want to transfer a large .mkv like 9 gigabytes from my pc to my nas station trough wireless
It seem that the maximum speed is like 2.7mb per second. Although my wireless usb adapter can get 150mbps maximum, thats like effective 12 mb per second.
How is it possible i don't get the maximum transfer speed? I already turned of my antivirus on my pc, still no increas

Thanks in advance
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  1. Where is the computer in relation to the router? Is the NAS also wireless?

    Have you checked the wireless settings on the router to make sure it's running in the right mode?
  2. wired from router to NAS
    Wireless from usb adapter to router. There is like 10 meters between
  3. That's not enough distance to cause a lot of drop in speed, check wifi settings, try it on N speed only (it's probably on mixed now). Maybe change channels also.
  4. You can check which channels are used by routers around you using this tool:

    It could be that your neighbor's wifi is pushing yours away. When I'm dealing with big-ass files like that, I just hook up my portable hdd to my NAS's USB port. Way faster and less of a hassle.
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