GTX Titan vs GTX 690 for 3D Vision gaming

I've currently got an Asus GTX690 which I use for NVIDIA 3D Vision gaming at 1920x1080@120Hz which is great (albeit I can't always max games out to the 100% extent, but most to at least very high), however I don't like the way that my case gets the hot air from one of the 680 GPUs exhausted into it. I'm concerned it might cause my hard drives to wear quicker as they are only a few inches away from the exhaust outlet of the 690. (Yes there is a front 20cm case fan blowing over the drives and a 12cm blowing from below over the exhaust outlet), but I still expect the drives are running hotter than they would otherwise. I'm thinking that with the Titan release, I might not get too much of a performance decrease if I get a Titan, but would get rid of the heat problem, as the Titan exhausts all air outside the case.
Any thoughts? I also wonder whether the change from 2GB to 6GB of memory might also help 3D Vision gaming which is effectively 3840x1080@60Hz resolution gaming and sometimes can't be run at maxed-out settings if I want to keep FPS up at the required 120Hz (60Hz). Anyone have experience with the Titan running 3D Vision games, like Crysis 2 and Just Cause 2? Any better/worse than the 690?

PS My system is an Intel i7-2600K, running on an Asus P8Z68-V PRO motherboard so I only have PCIx16 2.0 capability. (Computer is fairly new so won't be upgrading CPU or motherboard at this stage unless I can be convinced I would see a dramatic improvement in FPS, which I doubt I would.)
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  1. don't have either but the 690 is still a dual gpu and faster than the Titan for the same price...

    Do you consider 680 SLI as it'll be the fastest solution and cheaper too

    The best would be Titan SLI but i don't think you want to put 2000$ for a gpu upgrade only...
  2. GTX 690 is faster, but is dual-gpu. You plan to do SLI in the near future? Then go with Titan, that have more memory.
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