Unable to connect multiple Laptops and Xbox to internet at the same time

My son connects his xbox360 to his laptop that uses a wireless access to the router. My husband and i both have a laptop and when we try to log on to the internet it takes forever or doesn't connect at all while son is on his xbox 360. Do I need to change up my router? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. I am no expert by any means in the knowlege of routers and how they work. Jus so you know.

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  1. How is he connecting his XBOX to his laptop, with an Ethernet cable and using ICS (internet connection sharing) or bridging network adapters? Or is it some other method?

    Does your router DHCP service have sufficient addresses available for all of your devices? If you look into the router connected devices when the XBOX is attached, what IP addresses are being used?

    You also may want to use the router QoS (quality of service) settings to lower the XBOX priority once you get the connection issue resolved.
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