What's the best nvidia game card for my budget?

I got 2 Screen resolution (1366x768) and (1920x1080) i am using the first one like 80% cuz the other one is my Tv .anyway I have 9500 GT and I want to buy a new one My budget is 140$. I never used radeon but a lot of people said nvidia is better than Radeon .my options are GTS 450 , GTX 460 ( if I find the 1GB version I will buy it ) and GTX 550 Ti. Which one of them will run today games on both of my screen resolution in high or med? If there is something better i can get it with my budget plz tell me ?
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  1. none of the above try e nvidia gtx 650ti 1gb should be around 130
  2. GTX 650Ti for $120 or stretch it to $155 for the GTX 650Ti BOOST (about 35% more performance).
  3. u can get the boost version cheaper depending where u live especially in usa. yes get the boost as it has 2gb memeory and stuff.i use e ti version and its awsome
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