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Does anyone know of a site to find a review of the Logitech DiNovo Bundle?

Or even better.. has anyone bought one?
THG should do a review on it.
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  1. Hi!

    I know this is a long time ago, but I just searched the boards for diNovo. Anyway, I've just bought this thingy. It works like a charm, but beware that it may take 1-2 sec during / after boot to get the first response from the keyboard / mouse / mediapad. But it works nicely, I'm having problems connecting my mobile to it, but that's really not an issue. I bought the desktop for it's looks and that laptop keyboard, not for the bluetooth. As for gaming it works nicely, the mouse is very accurate and the keyboard has a feel of quality (which one should expect after paying that premium for it)..

    I'll recomend it anytime..

  2. Hey thanks for your reply. I'd actually given up on this post since noone replied in the 3 weeks since i'd posted.
    Well, i've decided not to get the Dinovo bundle just yet and opted just for the MX900 for now because i've ran into a bit of a financial problem.

    Anyways, thanks again for your reply and your input on the hardware. Much appreciated!
  3. Hepp!

    He he ... yeah.. I've given up on this forum mostly, people here seldom answer anything except it's been reviewed on THG, which is sad. But anyways.. I used an MX700 before I bought this desktop, the RF technology is ok but the range really sucks. On a clear fine day in perfect conditions, you'll maybe be able to stretch the RF to 2-5m, but that's only if there's no obstacles between the receiver and the transmitter. But the MX900 mouse is a bluetooth hub, which will work through thick walls (though I cannot really see the usage of that ability but..), let you connect up to 7 devices (including the mouse) through bluetooth to your computer (PDA, MobilePhone, headsets and so forth). But if you're just in for the mouse and not the bluetooth I'ld go for MX700. The 700 works nicely as a cordless mouse, and you'ld only have to charge it once a week, which is really no hassle. But if you don't require Cordless go for MX500, the smaller MX300 is a fav amongst the gaming society, though I find it too small.

    Hmm looong reply..

    Happy mousing

  4. Yup! i'm getting it for the bluetooh capabilities. I wanted a way to be able to back up the data off my phone (SE T610), and since the cable costs about $100 (AU), i'd might as well pay another $50 (AU) and get a mouse with bluetooth! Besides, the mouse i'm using now is really starting to get to me. Its like 4 years old and you need to adjust the cord every now and then or it won't work. Something's obviously loose inside.

    So there ya have it. I've quoted around and got a pretty good deal on the MX900 but they say that they won't be able to get it in til mid December or something. I guess i can wait since there's no real rush.

    By the way, how's the battery life on the MX900?? (That's if you've had it long). Does it feel heavy cuz of the battery?


    Thanks for ya reply again!!

  5. Hmm the battery life is maxed when you charge it for the third time, and there's a diode on top of the mouse that starts to blink red when you should charge it. Still it takes about 1 week to deplete the batteries, though that depends (I think) on how much you use your mouse. Heavy... hmm yes, it's a heavy mouse, that's the only drawback, I have an IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 mouse which I use for FPS gaming, since it's good and light. The mx900 can probably be tuned to your liking in games, I've not bothered since I've got the Explorer 3.0. THG also modded the mx700/500 mouse by removing some weight that Logitech has mounted inside the mouse... go figure why they have.

    Weight=rather heavy.
    battery life=approx. 1 week.

  6. hey, soz for the late response. I was gonna just get the MX900 for now but the shop i';m buying it from says that it will be delayed (yet again) til 16th Jan 2004. I asked how long it would take for the DiNovo bundle to come in and they responded with "before Xmas".. why is that??

    well anyways, just a few more questions about the bundle. Does the MediaPad have a backlight for the LCD? that'd be so kewl if it did! but since i haven't read it anywhere, i guess chances are pretty slim.
    Also, what's the material of the package like? especially the keyboard. Is it just like every other keyboard, with that plastic-ky feel to it?? and what's with the delete key?? why's it so big? taking up the spot where the insert key's suppose to be? I'm not sure if this is the same for all though, i've seen pics with it like this and some that aren't. i dunno. what's urs like?

    well many thanks for your help so far. and apologies for the late response again.

    Kind Regards.
  7. Hepp!

    Well as for your questions:
    1. The mediapad does not have a backlight no, which would have been cool, but would also have drained the batteries.
    The mediapad also displays the songtitle and time and shows a progressbar if you are using the mediadesktop program to play media files.
    2. And the material is really high quality, take note that the keyboard and pad is of a very slim design, but it's heavier than alot of other keyboards I've seen, and the bluetooth range is Excellent....
    3. The delete key is really that big, but it's not an issue, you do have the insert key too..

    All in all I'm very satisfied..

    Best regards (and a merry christmas and a happy new year too)
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