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Any sense in updating Win 7 x32 to x64?


I was able to upgrade from Vista to Win7 x32 cheaply but I was wondering if there would be any advantages/disadvantages to my making the move to x64?

Let's assume that my PC will support x64.

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    the biggest disadvantage, is that you cannot do an upgrade. You have to do a clean install (although i always recommend doing a clean install when upgrading OS)
    Not every device will have an x64 driver. Make sure all your peripherals do (by now almost all modern hardware does)
    Programs w/ a 16-bit installer will not install

    You can use more than 3.5 gb of RAM
    x64 programs like Photoshop will run a bit faster.
    Security features will be better, and tougher
    x64 OS has hardware-backed DEP (x32 only has software DEP) (Data Execution Prevention )
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  3. +2 x86 is close to being a dead end, rumour is that Win8 and all future Microsoft Office Suits will only be x64.
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  5. I guess that I really don't see enough advantage to warrant that big of a change and the hassle involved.

    I did and upgrade-in-place to Win 7 and everything seems to be fine but I'm wondering if there would be any real reason to go back and do a clean install. Comments?

  6. the upgrade will leave old parts of Vista on your PC that aren't used. These can be random .dll files, registry keys, ect. that you may not notice.
    The problem can be, is that they may one day conflict w/ your OS, or they may slow the computer down. The more stuff on an OS, the slower it will get.
    Doing a fresh install is also the best way to make sure that you don't have any old drivers that will conflict.

    when i upgraded. I left vista on one HD and installed Win7 on another (i have a desktop where i can easily add a hard drive. you may just want to create a partition).
    this is useful so that you can make sure that you don't accidentally delete anything important that you may have.
  7. das_stig said:
    +2 x86 is close to being a dead end, rumour is that Win8 and all future Microsoft Office Suits will only be x64.

    I hope its not true.

    My laptop is 3 years old, and originally came loaded with with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2nd ed.
    it has an intel dual core T2500 cpu running 2 ghz, 320gb sata drive, 2GB ddr2 ram - 32bit only no 64 bit support.
    Video is Geforce2go 7600, way better than any integrated intel graphics stuff, even on current laptops of today.
    Guess what, windows 7 runs like a champ, so does the adobe creative suite & office 2007. and Windows 8 should be even leaner & meaner and still run it all!!!

    nothing annoys people more than unnecessary strong armed obsolescence.

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  8. yeah, i may need to find a procedure to do a clean install. Problem is that I will have to reload Vista before I can do the Upgrade with a clean install. Yuck.

    I always clone my C: drive or switch drives (my portable has 2 drive bays) before doing any upgrades just to be sure nothing gets lost.
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