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Does anybody know where to DL all the original software and drivers that come with the SB Live! Value card? I have to do a fresh install to solve a problem I'm having with XP but I can't find my CD.

I've tried Creative's site but all I can seem to find is various updates for the original software.
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  1. You can just use the driver come with Windows XP. Creative also have the XP driver post on their web site.
  2. Do you know where exactly on Creative's site. i can't seem to be able to find anything but updates.
  3. That is only an update. You need the original drivers for that to work. Below is what Creative told me...

    Please try the following:

    1. Go to www., and download the following:

    This is a Sound Blaster Live! Windows 2000/XP Driver Update
    Revision: Revision 1
    Date: 11/29/01 Size: 9.28 MB

    2. Make sure you log in as the system administrator (not a user with admin rights)
    3. Make sure you close out of all background programs
    4. Put your original Creative installation CD into your CDROM drive
    5. Go to Start > Run
    6. Type the following in the box: (where D:\ is your cdrom drive)
    7. Hit OK, to run the program
    8. Choose a custom install.
    9. Unselect Creative Launcher (not compatible with XP)
    10. Finish the software installation
    11. Now run the XP update (SBLiveXPDrvUpdate.exe). It will install the latest XP drivers, and patch your Creative applications to work properly with XP.
  4. Is there a reason you don't want to use the drivers that come with XP and just update those?
  5. The original XP drivers fail to install. Below is the error message I receive...

    "Cannot Install this Hardware
    There was a problem installing this hardware
    Multimedia Audio Controller
    An error occurred during the installation of the
    The data is invalid"

    The people an Creative seem to be aware of this problem and recommended that I bypass the XP installatin and just install the software and drivers that I got with my CT4830. THEN apply their XP patch.

    But I just found out from Creative that the stuff that you get on the original CD is not available for download. Below is theri response...

    If you have lost or damaged your installation CD, you will need to contact Customer Service by calling 1-800-998-1000. They will be able to ship you the CD or disk that you require.

    If somebody has the Value card, is there a way I could download it from you?
  6. hi,
    have you solve your problem? I face the same problem with u!! I installed my original software for win98 to winxp, then run the update files downloaded from sb web site. But it return "no sound card found!".

    I try to extract it to a folder and update driver frm it, but still the same.. no sound from my system.

    Do you have any solution yet?

    Thank you
  7. I had a similair problem too. my audigy just would not install. I had a month long email chat with their tech "support" until I got fed up and just bought a turtle beach santa cruz which installed absolutely flawlessly.

  8. I had a creative sb live disc that came with my computer. I recently reformated my computer, and i cant find the disc, so i had to update the driver in the device manager. I have sound on my computer, but i don't have the stereo mixer software, that lets me add trusound and use equalizers. I've spend endless hours trying to find that software. every site that has it for download makes you download and install an update driver before can download the software. once it scans your computer for out of date drivers, in order to update them, you have to register with a credit card! so theres no way around it.
  9. thank's men
  10. i search for this for a long time
  11. Theres iso files out there, you have to look. Ill see if I can find it
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