Graphics card refuses to work

So anyway i'm having issues with my 7870, i recently upgraded my Phenom II 980 to a I5 2500k and now i can't get my card to work no matter what i do with it, it simply will NOT show in ether the bios or device manager, I checked and the fans on the card are going and both 6 pin connectors are firmly seated so i know THATS not the issue here, i've tried installing the intel chipsets from 2 different locations i've tried using driver sweeper to clear all AMD drivers from the PC, Tried reinstalling from both the gygabyte and amd wepages, Tried disableing the onboad graphics tried to switch from IGPU to PCIE in bios (it keeps auto switching back) tried reseating the card twice, Tried the memok button....

At this point i'm at a loss. i've tried everything i can think of Anyway here are my build details incase they can help you

I5 2500k
P875B-m LE
gigabyte 7870
ocz powerpro 600 watt CPU
Twin seagate 7200 RMP drives
standard loki CPU cooler and a samsung cd drive

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  1. What is the monitor connected to, the GPU's output or the mobo's?
  2. trapper said:
    What is the monitor connected to, the GPU's output or the mobo's?

    as of right now the motherboards due to the fact i get a blank screen from the GPU's output, i also keep getting an error when i try to install the amd drivers
  3. as of now figured it out, Turns out the motherboard is bad, i took my card and tried it in a friend PC and it booted fine, we tried his card in mine and no go so we tried the other pcie slot and again nothing but my card is coming up green in his, Time to RMA >.>
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