Missing network adapter, help.

Hello all,

So one day I woke up turned on my desktop and tried to get on the internet, to my surprise the icon had a red slash going through it. I've tried restarting my router, I've tried hooking my desktop straight to my cable modem, I've reinstalled drivers from my motherboard disk and I've even reinstalled windows. The only error I get is missing network adapter, install a working driver. I have no network connections in my device manager. I 've also build the desktop myself, my mother board is an ASUS P8H67-M PRO and I'm using Windows 7.
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  1. is the network adopter enabled in the BIOS?

    is it listed under Other Devices in the Device Manager?
  2. Yes I've had it inabled the whole time, and no its no listed in other devices. Thanks for the suggestions tho.
  3. network port do die.

    try a PCI network card they are about $10 for 10/100 and $15 for 10/100/1000
  4. okay was hoping there was a fix without having to buy anything (but $20 isn't horrible). Thanks for the help. Any other ideas, anyone?
  5. any recommendation on a PCI network card, pref from newegg?
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