Motorola SB6121 & built in DHCP server

Heya Folks,

My wife and I just moved into a new house and Comcast is our new ISP.

Anyway, I have a Motorola SB6121 and I had a quick question for someone who knows more about networking than I do.

I work from home and will want to use a wired connection with my work station which I should be able to do without any problems of course.

What I wanted to find out is since the SB6121 has a built in DHCP server, my wife should be able to access our network wirelessly without me purchasing a router shouldn't she? Or am I completely incorrect?

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    No, that router is not wireless I'm afraid. You will need to get either an access point or wireless router for that to work.
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  3. Okay, thanks! I wonder what the point of the built in DHCP server is then. Networking is not my forte I'm afraid.
  4. The job of a DHCP Server is to issue addresses to both wired and wireless clients (PCs, phones, teblets etc) that connect to the router it is running on automatically. If your router had no DHCP server or if it were turned off, you would then have to manually issue an address to each device you connected to your network.
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