Memory parity error on BSOD (Dell Inspiron 9400)


I got a BSOD with memory parity error (hardware malfunction) on my laptop. So I ran the hardware diagnostics and RAM diagnostics to find out whether my memory modules are corrupt, but no problem was found. According the diagnostics no hardware error was detected though. However, upon starting the PC the DELL logo screen is striped with blue dotted vertical lines across indicating that this might by my GFX card (I got a dedicated card 7900GS Go) error (even though not detected by diagnostics). Ofc Windows won't load getting another blue screen with system halt error. I go for backup system to the last working position. I am able to load the windows without vertical dotted lines, but only in 1024x768. I uninstalled the gfx drivers. I can go into Windows without drivers, but when I try to reinstall video drivers (no matter which, could be old, new or alternative) result is getting a system halt at the windows start up, whilst Dell logo gets the dotted lines all the time.
So that is in nutshell what is. My prognosis is that my video card is near to death. It seems that the VRAM module on my GeForce 7900GS is damaged.
Do you think there is another solution to this problem other than replacing video card ?
Thank you very much in advance for your reply
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  1. FSB parity provides error checking on data sent on the FSB (Front Side Bus).

    There is an option in Bios to Disable Parity Check.
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