How could I improve my network connection?

I have a Comcast modem in my basement that i hook up to with a wireless adapter from my computer which is on the 2nd floor. I am able to connect but the connection is horrible when i play BF3. Would buying a good router around $50-$70 and hooking it up to the router w/ ethernet improve the connection? The modem is in the corner of my basement and i cannot move it because it is with my cable and telephone, but if i got a long ethernet and a good router to place the router in the center of the house in the basement, would that help the connection at all? Any other suggestions would help.
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    hi Eggmasher.

    I was in a similar predicament in my last house. I found a really good solution in the homeplug adapter.

    I dont want to sound condascending and just to explain, one homeplug adaptor is used to power the router, the other homeplug is inserted into any power socket in the house. From that socket you can then use an ethernet cable to provide you with connection to the network.

    These things come in at around 70 quid for the pair and offer up to 300 MBPS connection speed and for me the best solution going for you. You can find these things online as well as in the shops. These are also known as powerline adaptors.
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