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I watch online sports streams, and am sick of sitting in front of my PC when doing so. I was just curious if anyone knew of a way I could mirror what I see on my PC screen out onto my Plasma.

I have tried PS3media server and also Tversity to no avail. My PC goes wirelessly out to a router and I currently have mt Western Digital Media player hooked up to the router via an enternet cable. My PC recognizes it and also my Blu ray player when I hook it up, but I am in no way able to transmit the stream from a URL out onto my Plasma.

Tversity says one should be able to do so, but again have had no luck. Was wanting to know if anyone else had some ideas as I have exhausted most of mine.

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  1. This product is awesome: Peerless-HDS100-Wireless-Multimedia-Center. I have implemented one at a church. It is a client-less appliance. Picture perfect. It also allows for multiple receivers. Pricey tho at $389.
  2. Some tv's come with applications. Look at them to see if any support the sites you visit. Also if the computer is close to the tv you can use a vga or hdmi cable to connet to tv. If it's not close you can make a VGA to RJ45 then Back to VGA cable.. So you don't have to move the computer from where its at.
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